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Public transport in South Tyrol – our share

Silbernagl stands for serious handling of transport services

An extensive route network, which links in all areas and localities of the region, requires the implementation of a great number of coaches. There are currently over 40 buses by Silbernagl operating to cover the public route network, linking the localities in the nearby surroundings of our headquarters. Silbernagl is part of the bus consortium LiBUS, which covers a major part of the public transport in South Tyrol with over 200 regular buses in operation.

The vehicles of the bus company Silbernagl operate on many different routes and impress with their South Tyrolean punctuality. The streets in South Tyrol are a particular challenge, ranging from narrow mountain roads and tight alleys to regular country roads, and require to employ various types of buses.

Beside our large long-distance buses, large-sized low-floor buses and medium-sized low-floor buses we also offer agile small buses (City buses), which drive effortlessly to hamlets and small mountain villages.

Silbernagl’s regular bus service

The regular bus service by Silbernagl is an important contribution to public transport and the route network in South Tyrol, taking passengers in a safe, comfortable and eco-friendly way to their chosen destination. To guarantee an optimal connection and smooth transport of all passengers, Silbernagl uses various types of buses, perfectly matching the respective routes.

Small buses

Small buses –slender, short and agile – allow for driving on narrow mountain roads, embedding small hamlets and villages in the route network.

Medium-sized low-floor buses

Medium-sized low-floor buses are shorter and slimmer than large-sized low-floor buses, offering the same features as our other buses; they are ideal for driving on narrow mountain roads.

Long-distance buses

Long-distance buses for longer routes, for instance Castelrotto/Kastelruth–Bressanone/Brixen, Castelrotto/Kastelruth–Val Gardena/Gröden, Castelrotto/Kastelruth–Bolzano/Bozen etc.

Large-sized low-floor buses

Large-sized low-floor buses for distances with many passengers, offering lots of space, double doors as well as a flat entry and ramp for wheel chairs and prams.